Bass or Tattoo? I’m torn.. :(

I’m all ferklempt(which is actually spelled: verklempt) this morning. I’m torn about this bass thing.

The thing is that I don’t REALLY need the bass right now, but I WILL want one in the semi-near future. And with the prices of things, it will cost me much more than $600. Even now, the prices of instruments is through the roof. Last summer you could get a decent mexican made (as opposed to japanese or american) Fender P-bass for about $650. Now they are almost $900.

But I REALLY want this tattoo. I’ve been wanting it for a long time. I’m scared of getting it though.(<–a little secret) It's gonna hurt like a bitch! And what is it going to look like in 20 years?
It’s also going to be awhile. It’s not something that will be done overnight, whereas the bass is pretty much instant gratification. It’s weird, I’m normally not all about the instant gratification. I’m really good at figuring out what I want, saving up for it and buying it. It is one of the main differences in the spending habits of Mama Bean and I.

So I dunno. I told the guy I’d let him know by the end of the day.


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