You know those days when there isn’t anything actually wrong, but everything just fucking sucks anyway? That was my day. It started off feeling off. I’m not sure what it was, but it steadily got worse all day, until I got the the point (now), were it’s just like, “What the fuck?” And it’s not like there wasn’t any good parts today, there were. There were a number of really cool little things that could’ve made today awesome, but I just can’t get excited about. Maybe tomorrow?

We had church band rehearsal tonight, and I just couldn’t get excited about it. And then I get there, and Greg gives me the music for a new song in musical notation, written on the bass staff, which while I can slowly work my way through, I can’t just pickup and read. I should be able to…but I can’t. It’s such an awesome song, but I didn’t have the music to practice with earlier this week, so I came in knowing nothing. I then spent 20 minutes writing out all the notes for the bass line that Greg has made up for me. And it’s an awesome line, I would’ve written something similar, but there were some subtle differences that really add to it. The rest of the songs went well, but I never play them very well the first time. I do best if I have time to practice them numerous times prior to playing them. But we play almost all of our songs differently from the recording (which is awesome), but it makes practicing beforehand harder.

And every time I would just start to get into the groove my bass would get uncomfortable. It just wouldn’t sit properly. So it just compounded my frustration, which really shouldn’t have been a problem in the first place.

So now I feel crappy for not expressing my thanks to Greg for the bass line, because it is friggin sweet and super helpful. And for being a bit of a downer during the practice. It was cool to finally get to play with Larry, and I love playing with the new drummer Jeff.

So yeah, BLAH!

Maybe sleep will help. It’s only 9:50, but it feels like midnight. I’m beat. Being grumpy is tiring.


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