A nice feeling/growing as a musician

I love when things just come together on Sunday mornings. I was feeling pretty shitty after practice on Thursday, and not at all excited about playing. This is pretty weird for me, as playing on Sunday mornings, and usually Thursday practices as well, are the highlights of my week.
So on Friday and Saturday night I spent a few hours practicing, memorizing, learning the bass line for Up Above My Head. It was frustrating, because it is 36 bars long, and I’d get to bar 14, and mess up 14-16 every time. I eventually figured out a shorthand way of writing things out, and have a couple of hours of just listening to the song and playing along, over and over and over and over… I finally got it. And then Sunday morning came. The run through was a little sloppy, but I was pretty confident I had it. And it was awesome when we played it during the service. I think I even managed to pull off the elusive look-like-you-aren’t-doing-much-while-actually-playing-your-ass-off style of playing.
It feels really nice to work through the frustration and have a great end result I really appreciate playing with guys that make me want to try hard to become a better musician. I learn so much from them, and I practice harder at home.


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