A+ tomorrow

I am writing my A+ in the morning. I’m pretty nervous about it. I’ve been doing a bunch of practice tests around the internet and am consistently scoring between 80-85%, and a pass is 70%. It’s all multiple choice, and a few multiple choice where you pick more than one answer. I’m sure I’ll pass tomorrow’s with ease. Some of the questions just piss me off, because they are irrelvant. For example, what is the through-put of an AGP 8x bus? 2.1GBps. Why do I know that? Because it is some innane piece of information I memorized to write this test. The key is to memorize enough. lol They have removed quite abit of the REALLY stupid stuff like COM port mapping and IRQ#’s, but there is still alot of dumb stuff.

I think I’m going to struggle more with Thursday’s test. Tomorrow is the hardware test, while Thursday is the OS test. It’s all about Win XP and 2000, and how to use/troubleshoot it. So there are questions like, “What is the correct way to access My Network Places?” And it will list 4 sets of vague directions. I don’t fucking know! But sit me down in front of a computer and I’ll have you where you want to go in 10 seconds.

So that’s a little annoying, but I’ll study for it tomorrow.

Today we have Pastor’s Greg and Brenda (the husband/wife pastor team from our church) coming for dinner. It should be fun. They are cool people, and we’re making some (hopefully) yummy food. We are getting quite proficient in the kitchen, but some things are still hit and miss.

So wish me luck. I find out as soon as I finish whether I passed or failed, so I’ll have results immediately.


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