Tattoo progress

I’ve finally started taking steps towards getting this tattoo process started. The first step, check out local artists and shops to see who’s out there, and the kind of work they do. I’ve found two places in town that have their artist’s work online that I was able to check out. One place is Metamorphosis and the other is Tattoos for the Individual. There are 3 ladies at Metamorphosis, all of which do amazing work. I really liked this one artist’s style, but she is leaving town in May so she isn’t taking on any big projects. I’d like to go down and see some more work from the other girls, which I’ll hopefully do this weekend. The other place, Tattoos for the Individual, has this amazing artist, Kurt. I’ve looked at his stuff online, and it’s absolutely amazing. He does lots of bigger pieces (I’m finding it difficult to find places with larger pieces of art) and I just love his style. The thing is, it’s pretty dark stuff. Skulls are his specialty, but he has plently of other things that showcase his work really well. My proposed piece doesn’t really fit into his normal line of work, and when I called today, the lady that answered the phone said as much. I call, tell her what I’m looking for, and she asks, “Have you seen the type of work he does?” Which made me laugh a little. “I have. It’s dark, and this isn’t really they kind of work he does,” I explain, “But his work is amazing, so I thought I’d check anyway.” So she took my number, and said she’d talk to him about it and call me back. She didn’t seem to optimistic, but I figure it’s worth a shot.

This process is taking me awhile as I find tattoo shops to be intimidating places. They usually aren’t, but I just have that image burned into my brain of some sleazy, dirty backroom parlour. Which most of them aren’t. So I just have to build up some nerve, especially since I’m not so good at dealing with new people as it is.

I still don’t have quiet enough money, but I want to get the ball rolling and find out exactly what I need so that I can put in the extra time to get it.


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