Blogosphere Friends

I’ve been blogging for a few years now. Since November of 2002 I think it was, when I was at bible college and Mama Bean told me about this fun new place called Diaryland (which at first I read as Dairyland and wondered what was so cool about a milk company). So I started writing, and from the beginning found it to be a cathartic experience. I could vent about things that happened, muse about things that were running through my mind, and otherwise get down digitally, what was otherwise stuck in my head. I had journaled previously, but not frequently and had only started a few years earlier. I found I could get my thoughts and ideas out quicker when typing them out, and could rephrase, and rewrite stuff as I went.

As I blogged, I started reading other people’s blogs. I started following the events of their lives (as much as they posted online anyway). I, like most bloggers, don’t post absolutely everything that is happening but pick and choose events and thoughts and go with it. Most major events get posted though, or come up in passing, so people tend to stay abreast with what is going on.

Most bloggers also tend to frequent other blogs, and a community begins to develop. It can range from developing close friendships to just casual dropping into each others blogs and leaving comments. After awhile though, connections develop. And when bad shit happens to blog-friends, it hurts. You feel for the person. You wish you could help, but there is nothing we can really do. We can offer prayers, and words of comfort, but that is only so helpful. And doesn’t really provide much comfort.

Either way though, it hurts to see someone you care about in pain. Whether it is your spouse, a friend, a virtual friend, or some random person that whose blog you’ve been following online for the past 5 years.


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