Daddy Blog 27/02/09

Daddy Blog from Friday, February 27, 2009

I’ve been frequenting a number of parenting websites lately, and reading about the various things that are piquing the interest of parents, and what they are getting excited and/or being pissed off about. One thing that has caught my attention is the ever-widening divide between those parents that say we should vaccinate our children, and those that are opposed. Both sides have their pros, both sides have their cons, both sides lie and try to cover up the pros of the opposite side.

We have been accepted by a mid-wife! This means we are going to be having a home-birth, barring any complications. It’s so awesome. we watched The Business of Being Born, and it gave us a really good idea of how things work, and we decided we want to do it at home. Not a big fan of the water birth, it’s kinda gross. 🙂


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