Whiny Teachers

When I started my new job with the school division my respect for teachers grew exponentially. But the more time I spend with them, the more my respect for them starts to drop. Seriously, I have never heard anyone bitch and moan more about their jobs than teachers. It is a constant gripe fest. “We are over worked and underpaid.” “We work too hard.” “We need more prep time.” They bitch about the kids, they bitch about the admin, they bitch about each other, and I’m sure they bitch about me too.

I’ve done a lot of different jobs, in many different industries. I’ve worked with people who work a hell of a lot harder, for less money, in shittier conditions than teachers that bitch less.

I love the teachers I work with, and that I’m friends with. I’m just saying that it gets old, though for the record, the teachers that I am friends with don’t complain as much as those I work with.


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