Welcome to Winnipeg in the Spring of 2009!

Here’s a little 13 picture slideshow to give you an idea of what it’s looking like out here. Note that the giant lakes of water are normally farmers fields, and the river is typically about half that width.

It isn’t affecting the majority of Winnipegers, mostly just those close to the river. There’s been sandbagging at about 100 homes inside the city. There was a big call for sandbaggers from Tues through Thursday, and hundreds went out and volunteered their time.

They are calling this the 3rd worst flood in the last 100 years with the one in 1950 and 1997 being worse. this time though there is a much improved flood-way allowing for the displacement of a huge amount of water which protects the city.

The nice thing is that that levels peaked yesterday and will now start receding.

Here are a couple of links to articles about the flood.

From the Vancouver Sun “More evacuations as Manitoba flood continues to rise”

And from the Winnipeg Free Press’ Flood Watch.


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