Frustration with rude people

This was written in response to a fellow tech talking about how a teacher turned off the lights on her while she was working in a classroom, even though the teacher knew she was there.

Now I understand that was written in jest, but it brings up a more serious issue: what is with teachers’ attitudes when it comes to putting in tickets or sending emails to get something done? There is this sense of entitlement that is not very becoming.

There is no need to submit tickets or send me emails putting words in CAPS for emphasis, or using multiple punctuation marks in a row, eg. ?!?!?!?.

That is rude.

They don’t NEED something done, they would LIKE something done. If their printer is broken, a ticket should be submitted asking for it to be fixed. A ticket shouldn’t be sent saying, “my printer is broken, i need it fixed. it is an ESSENTIAL PART of doing my job.”

That is also rude.

I understand that it is frustrating when things are broken, but a little politeness goes a long way. Most of them wouldn’t be rude to me in person, so there is no reason to be rude to me in an email or ticket.

Just because they are a teacher, principal, librarian, superintendent or whatever else, doesn’t make them more important or give them the right to be rude.

That is all.



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