Insurance bullshit

Why? Why does getting insurance have to stress me out so much? I don’t understand. Why can’t it be a simple process?

When we first moved to Winnipeg we insured both the cars under me to simplify the process. This worked for 2 or 3 months until the insurance was up for renewal, at which point they told me my insurance would double from $100/mo to over $200/mo (roughly). This was due to a ticket I received 2 years previously in Calgary. See in Alberta you get one free ticket (where it doesn’t affect your insurance rates). Apparently that isn’t the case here, so once they found out about the ticket (absolutely clean record otherwise) my insurance sky rockets. So we switch both cars to Jo’s name, have to pay the annual registration fee of $120 (again! even though i had just paid it 2 months ago). So that lasted us for another 5 months, which is now, and we need to renew our insurance again. Meaning paying this stupid fucking $120 AGAIN. That along with the $200+ we pay monthly for our fucking car insurance.

We also have our house insurance through these people, except not really. It turns out they are just an insurance broker, not an actual insurance company. So we pay another $100 or so a month for fucking house insurance.

Now we also need to get health insurance, and life insurance, and Mama Bean needs to get life insurance. This is just stupid… In the end we will be paying over $600 a month in insurance dues. I call bullshit.

Oh, and I had mortgage insurance for our house in Calgary (which we sold last JULY) and they are still fucking charging me for mortgage insurance. I’ve told them to cancel it a couple of times, and refund my money, yet they still continue to charge me. Seriously…WHAT THE FUCK!??!!?

So, the point of this post: I FUCKING HATE insurance companies and all the bullshit I have to deal with. At least in Calgary I had it all through the same company that I used for 8 years with no problems. I’m looking at doing that here, finding one company and getting it all through the same place.


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