The Price of Gold

I can’t believe the price of gold. It’s over $1000CAD an ounce! Growing up in a town that was built around gold mines, the price of gold was a very important part of my life. At that time it was hovering around $300/oz, and every night we would watch the news and pay attention when it came to the market report to see the day’s gold price. This was because if the price of gold dropped below $300/oz lay offs at the mines were inevitable, though it would depend on how long the price stayed down.

This was the mid-90’s. When my dad left the mines, we stopped paying much attention to the gold price. The next time I saw it was around 2003, and it blew my mind. At that time it was around $800/oz and I couldn’t believe it. All of that stress 10 years previous for something that had DOUBLED in price in less than 10 years. Man, I wish I had invested in gold…

It’s weird to think that the price of gold was such an important part of my life growing up. Most kids aren’t paying attention to the price of gold when they are 10 years old. That’s just how life works in a mining town, I guess.


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