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Daddy Blog 18/05/09


Naming a child can become a quite the point of contention between soon-to-be parents. Mama Bean and I discussed it a bit prior to having kids, and thought we had one if it was a girl (Sophia Claire), but were at odds over a boys name (I LOVE Arthur, Mama Bean really does not). When we first found out that she is pregnant with bean we spent time throwing names back and forth. There are a lot of really great names out there, though I find I like far more girl names than boys. Lately I’ve been really liking the name Ezra if it is a boy. It is pretty Jewish, but I kinda like it. It isn’t super common, and easy to spell. We also like Tobias (Toby). We are also not even halfway through the pregnancy and my mind will change a million more times. šŸ™‚

My biggest problem when it comes to naming kids is people that want their little bundle of joy to be “unique” and they figure the easiest way to do this is by giving them some wacked out name, or a name with a “unique” spelling. Seriously, there doesn’t need to be 7 BILLION different spellings for every name out there. Those poor kids. You think you are being unique, but that kid is going to be stuck with a constantly misspelled name, or having to continually correct people. That’s not cool. I had to do that enough and my name is Christopher! Do your child a favor and don’t fuck them up for life by trying to make them “unique.” They’ll be unique enough, they don’t need the additional pain in the ass of a uniquely spelled name.

In 2 weeks (May 27) Mama Bean will be going for her 20 week ultrasound, at which point we have the option of finding out if bean is a boy or a girl. Mama Bean really wants to find out as it will make things much easier for her. Mama Bean is all about planning, and it would make things MUCH easier. On the other hand, I’m sitting on the fence. Part of me really wants to know, as it makes things that much more real, but part of me wants the surprise. Since it is important to Jo, I think we will head down the route where we find out.

Then there is the decision, do we tell others, or keep it a secret? And if we decide on a name, do we tell people, or keep it a secret also? I like the idea of not telling people the sex of bean, or the name we choose. Though slipping up on the gender would be so easy. So maybe we tell people the sex, but not the name. šŸ™‚ (“if we decide on a name by the time the birth happens,” jo says) She’s so cute.


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