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A Clean House = A Happy Christopher

I love when my house is clean. It makes me happy. It reduces anxiety and tension. It is just plain wonderful.

Once I get into cleaning mode, I just get going and things start getting clean, it is great. The problem is that it takes a lot of effort to get into cleaning mode, as I generally don’t enjoy it (though for some reason once I start cleaning, I enjoy it).

Yesterday we did laundry, cleaned up the kitchen and did dishes, swept all of the floors, vacuumed (why does that word have a double-u?) all of the rugs (including the stairs with our super awesome stair attachment for our super awesome Dyson Animal vacuum cleaner), cleaned the bathroom, and washed the kitchen floor (on hands and knees with a brush and rag NOT with a mop. a floor will never get as clean with a mop or sponge on the end of a stick as it will if you get down there and scrub). It was great. I love looking around and shit is in it’s place, there isn’t some dried grossness stuck to the floor, there are no dirty dishes sitting on the counter, and no dust in the corners. There is no fuzz stuck in the rug, no pee splatter in the bathroom, no smudges on the mirrors, and no water marks on the taps.

I don’t know why I don’t clean more often. It doesn’t make any sense.


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