new toys

My new MacBook Pro

Some days I really enjoy my job. I never wake up dreading going to work, though some days I just want a day off, but that is just in general, not because of my job. And then there are all the perks. Like working with awesome people, and having a steady weekday 8-4 schedule with no OT or weekends.

Today I received my new MacBook Pro (courtesy of my employer), and I’m loving it! The keys are so smooth, it has a sleek aluminum exterior, and a bright, glossy screen. It’s beautiful, and so much fun to use. Being a PC user for so many years, I’m loving using Macs as well. It’s like a whole new world to learn and discover. It is a pretty slick interface that is quite intuitive built on top of this amazing linux core. When I run into a situation where the GUI is failing me, I just open the hood and delve into the depths (and power) that is the terminal. I LOVE it!
I don’t really do anything at home to warrant the extra money it would cost to buy one, (that and I have 3 other more than capable computers) but I’ll get as much as possible out of it even though it is from work. We have tons of home-use licenses so I’ll be able to use the full Adobe CS3 suite as well as Aperture 2. We even have the new Office for Mac 2008 on it which is fun and new. So much fun!!

So yeah, my job rocks and so do the perks. I don’t know what I’m going to do when bean (or beanette) shows up, and I do the whole stay-at-home dad thing. I think I’m going to miss it. Though I think the perks of being a dad are going to far outweigh those of any job.


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