Lessons from Our Garden

Alright, things I learned today.

A 1500 sq.ft garden (which we thought was 1800, but it’s actually 25×60, not 30×60) is much more manageable when it is split into 10 mini gardens. We now have 10 150sq.ft gardens and it seems much more manageable.

It is much easier to till a 1500 sq.ft garden with a roto-tiller, than by hand. I knew this going in, yet I did it by hand anyway. It would have taken 20 min and cost $25 to have the dude roto-till it, but instead I did it with a rake and a hoe. A hoe that I proceeded to break in the process.

When working outside for an extended period of time, one should wear sunscreen, preferably SPF30 or maybe even 45. Just because it is windy, and doesn’t feel very warm, doesn’t mean you aren’t getting burned, just ask my epidermis. You can call me Lobster Boy for the next couple of days.

There are a lot of politics when it comes to community gardens. This morning I saw a dude yelling that he’d been screwed over as I received a lot that is totally covered in weeds. It had something to do with people he pissed off last year, and he wasn’t happy about it.

Tomorrow I will post some pictures of our garden. Mama Bean has a list of everything we are growing and a map that she has drawn up of it. She said she will post it tomorrow, so I’ll be linking to it when she does.


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