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2 weeks

I’m still around, do not fret. Mama Bean and I have had a great couple of weeks with house-guests galore. And what an awesome 2 weeks these last couple have been!

Last week Kari and Heather were here (and James for 12 hours), along with Kari and James’ awesome little boy, Bruce. Bruce is 9 months old and quickly reminded me what it’s like to have a baby around; they never stop. Bruce and I had lots of fun playing together, and I am now even more excited about our coming son in October.

We took a tour of the Legislative building last Friday which was a lot of fun. We didn’t take the guided tour, but some random politician dude found us walking the halls and gave us a little impromptu tour of things he found particularly interesting. It was kinda neat, and he was super enthusiastic about it all.

It was a great week with them here and Mama Bean really enjoyed having her best friends around to spend time with as we haven’t seen folks from back home since moving.

This past week my family was in town for a visit, and it was so great to see them. They were in town for my cousin Jenelle’s wedding, and stayed to hang out with Mama Bean and I. It was so awesome to see them and hang out for a few days. I got to spend some time with my brothers as well as my brother’s girlfriend whom I didn’t really know as they only started going out shortly before we moved.

My parents aren’t the kind to sit around while on vacation, so I took Mon, Tues, and Wed. off and we got a ton of stuff done. We built a bedframe for out bed, as we only had one of those cheap metal ones. We also built a box to cover our A/C unit during the winter. Tuesday night my dad discovered the frame of one of our basement windows was completely rotted out so we spent all day on Wednesday ripping out the old frame, deciding to use the old window, building and installing a new frame and being done. 🙂 We just need to paint it and it’ll be perfect.

Mama Bean and my mom ripped up the remaining carpet on our main floor, so we now have hardwood floor everywhere on the main floor with the exception of the kitchen which is lino and the bathroom which is cork. The floors look a million times better than they did when we moved in and everything was carpeted.

So now everyone is gone. My parents drove home yesterday (14 hours in a day instead of 2 like they had originally intended) and our house is quiet. It seems a little weird, but nice. I started getting sick midway through the week (too much excitement) and needed a rest day today to recover. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be all good again and wrap up the last few odds and ends on our projects.

And now I need to catch up on two weeks of blogs that I’ve been missing. 🙂


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