ABC’s to describe me

This is the second month during which I’ve participated in ICLW and an ABC’s intro seems to be quite popular so I thought I’d do one. And it also gives those of you that are regular readers a little more insight into my life. 🙂

A – Archery, my current obsession which I spend a lot of time doing in training for my first year bowhunting this fall. I purchased a bow in May, and have been hitting the range regularly since then in order to get my bowhunting skills up (a very important skill according to Napoleon Dynamite)
B – Bean, the little boy that is currently growing inside of my wife and will join us in October. He is currently unnamed, and due round about October 21st, meaning my wife is just now entering her third trimester.
C – Chiropractor, what my wife does for a living. It is more than a job, it is a healthcare philosophy.
D – Dog, my favorite pet and which I’m hoping to one day get again. We’ve had a dog since grade 2 when Nikki (a mutt) followed me home and I asked to keep her. We had to give her away when we moved, but she was my very first dog.
E – Emotional, a perfect descriptor for me. I cry during movies, and even during TV shows (Grey’s Anatomy, I mean c’mon, who doesn’t cry during this show)
F – Family, something that is very important to me, and something that I’m quickly learning how much it means to me and how much I miss mine back home.
G – Gardening, my wife and I started gardening this year. We have a 4’x12′ garden in our backyard as well as a 1500sq.ft community garden plot. It is a lot of fun, though very discouraging at times.
H – Happy, my usual emotional state. I’m a happy guy by default. More often than not you’ll find me smiling and giggling about something.
I – IT Guy, my current job with a local school division. I love my job.
J – Jo, the name of my beautiful wife whom I love dearly. (my baby-momma)
K – Kind-hearted, I’m a nice guy to the core. I play up being an asshole sometimes, and can be blunt and tactless, but it kills me when I’m not a nice guy.
L – Learning, something I’m always doing. Be it at work about some new software we are using, at home about being a dad pretty soon here, or at church about theology and the like.
M – Meat Loaf, my favorite singer/band. I’ve been a fan since I first heard Bat out of Hell on a tape my dad recorded from the radio when I was a kid. I own every album, import or otherwise. I get made fun of a lot for it, but I don’t care. I saw him in concert in 2007, row 7 on the floor!!
N – Nose, the thing about me that annoys my wife. In high school I worked as a life-guard at a pool. Part of my duties were to keep the pH balance in check which we did using powdered hydrochloric acid. Well, one day I was moving bags of it and was flopping a big 20lb(ish) bag down when it pulled my dust mask off and I got a nose-full of powdered hydrochloric acid which promptly burned off a good bit of nose-hairs from back inside my nose. This means that my nose is quickly affected when I have allergies or am sick and constantly drips. My wife isn’t a fan. But loves me anyway.
O – October, when bean (the little boy that is currently growing inside of my wife) will be born.
P – Pastor, the job that I eventually want after I finish my schooling which I’m hoping to start in January.
Q – Quiet, a term that describes me quite well in situations where I don’t know many people.
R – Religion, a topic that I’m very interested in, be it mine, or someone else’s. I’m not judgmental about it, and love learning about different religions. Just because I think I’m right, doesn’t mean I think you are wrong, a thought process that isn’t quite logical, but something I try to live out.
S – Strawberry Crisp, the dessert I just made tonight with the fresh strawberries we picked on the weekend. It probably could have been cooked a little longer, but is very yummy.
T – twistedchristian.ca, my blog where I write about living a Twisted Christian life, and the things that irk me about Christianity.
U – Ubuntu, the Linux operating system that I recently installed on a computer that I’m using to learn how to setup and run a webserver on. (yes, i’m a big geek)
V – Violet, my favorite color. (Actually, purple is my favorite color, but that letter was already taken, and I couldn’t think of anything for V) 🙂
W – Winnipeg, the city in which I currently reside. Everyone seems to think we are crazy for moving here, but it is a wonderful city and I’m quite happy we moved here.
X – Xiolo, the screen name I tend to use in most games, forums, etc.. It is a word that I made up when I was tired of the name I wanted in online games was always taken.
Y – Yellowknife, where I grew up, and where I find myself homesick for every once-in-a-while.
Z – Zebras at Zoos, the animal I find least attractive in a place I’m torn about liking. From a conservation point-of-view they have huge benefits, but the number of them that are absolutely horrible is astounding.


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