Daddy Blog – 27/07/09

Mama Bean and I went to our first prenatal class tonight. We’ve chosen to take a 4 session hypnobirthing class and then see if we can find some sort of parenting type of class to go over some other things.

The class was absolutely amazing, and something I would recommend to any expecting couple (or single). It’s this process of visualization, or self-hypnosis that helps put you in tune with your body and relax.

One Smarmy Mama got me on this hippy thing when it comes to pregnancy/childbirth/parenting long before we ever got pregnant, and now that we’re expecting Mama Bean has jumped right on board. It’s been pretty awesome, actually.

The class got me pretty fired up for having this little guy. I’m all excited about being a dad. About holding him for the first time. About looking into his eyes, feeling his little fingers and toes.

I’m excited about showing him things for the very first time. About watching him discover all so many new things in this world.

I’m just excited about so many things. I can’t wait to be a dad. These 3 months can’t go by fast enough.


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