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Daddy Blog – 08/08/09 – He Moves!

One of the coolest experiences in my life was (and is) feeling my unborn baby move inside of Jo. I’ve been able to for a couple of weeks now, but only recently has it started to become very real to me.

I can feel him rolling around, I can feel his little kicks and punches. We don’t know what position he’s in, so we just make stuff up and go with it. He’s really active between 9-11 at night (give or take), and I’ll often catch Mama Bean just sitting there watching her belly as it moves.

She hit the 30 week mark this week which seems like a whole lot further along than 29. At 29 she was still in her 20’s, but 30! Now 30 has a whole other number in front. It is the home stretch; 10 weeks give or take a couple.

10 weeks…

10 weeks isn’t very long at all. It’s rather short. 2 and a half months. That’s nothing. We’ve been in Winnipeg 1 year (celebrated our 1 year Pegiversary last week) and that has flown by. 10 weeks is less than 20% of that! Crazyness…

But I’m so friggin excited. I talked to my boss and let her know that I will be taking parental leave starting December 1st. Jo’s official due date is Oct 21st, and she wants to be back at work for he beginning of December. This will give her a few weeks to start seeing patients before we take off for a couple of weeks to visit family and friends in Calgary.

So as of December 1st I am going to be a stay-at-home Dad for 37 weeks on the government’s dime, which is kinda nice of them. It’s a paltry 55% of my wage, but hey, I’m not complaining. They could give me nothing.

My boss took it quite well, though she was sad that I’ll be gone. I’m friggin awesome, and she knows it. 😉


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