sad · stupid people

Defies explanation

Now, I’m an advocate for the right to own guns. This issue alone can affect who I vote for in an election. But then I watch a bunch of IMMATURE FUCKING MORONS pull this kind of shit.

Video of said morons

Now, what these guys are doing is illegal on so many levels, and let me remind you, this is not in the US, these are a bunch of inbred, redneck Canadians.
Here is just a start of what is wrong with these fucking retards:

1. Discharging a firearm from a vehicle is illegal.
2. Shooting migratory birds out of season (which it currently is) is illegal.
3. Shooting ducklings is illegal.
3. Shooting migratory birds with a rimfire rifle (which they are using) is illegal.
4. Shooting at a body of water is dangerous to yourself and others due to ricocheting bullets/fragments.
5. Wounding an animal and leaving it to flop around and suffer while you laugh with your buddies is cruel and unethical and morally reprehensible.
6. Posting a video on the internet of your fucking stupidity, complete with shots of your face and voices is fucking stupid.

They were arrested and I hope they get thrown against the wall and made an example of. Their actions are unacceptable and just give more ammo to those who would take our guns away.

I think there needs to be some sort of gun legislation, and I know that the only thing that will stop these types of events from happening is to take them all away, but I really wish we could find some middle ground. I write this on the heels of a post by my friend C Lo at One Smarmy Mama.

Idiots like this need to be hung out to dry.


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