Thunder Storms

I love the power of a good thunder storm.
I love the violence of it.
I love the sharp crack of thunder that accompanies a particularly bright fork of lightening.
I love the low rumbling thunder that rolls across the sky and shakes my house following those big cloud-to-cloud lightening bursts.
I love the crackling of the sky as the lighting sucks the oxygen from the atmosphere.
I love sitting in my house watching the majesty of it all as these forces fight for power in the sky; watching the lightening flicker across the sky, followed by the ominous sounds of thunder.

Last night we had an amazing thunder storm. It lasted for hours as there was little-to-no wind. For the longest time there was no rain either, and I was able to watch the skies, my vision unimpeded by the torrents of rain that were to follow.

It was pretty much awesome. 🙂


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