movie review

Movie Review: Shortbus

So right now we are watching Shortbus.

It’s a little strange, but there’s something very real about it.
But a disclaimer about this movie. There is a lot of sex in it. Real sex. Not the kind of sex typically seen in movies. It’s porn sex. But not even porn sex, it seems realer than that. But it’s not just straight sex. There’s gay sex. And lesbian sex. And masturbation. And group sex. And fat naked people. And cross dressers.
There’s A LOT of cock. And vagina.

But it’s so WEIRD. Like beyond weird. But maybe that’s just because I’m unaccustomed to this sort of stuff. Maybe this shit’s normal, but… not in my realm of comfort.

It’s not porn, it’s artistic. But seriously. It’s porn. But porn, interspersed with indie film. But it’s not porn like porn you’d watch to masturbate too or anything, but porn like artistic porn.

Artistic, not erotic. One of the reviews I read sums it up nicely, “Porn tries to titillate, this movie only tries to stimulate your thoughts and feelings, not your libido.”

I’m a monogamous kinda guy, so I’m not a big proponent of promiscuity, but that’s just me.

Oh, and the “couples counselor’ is Sook-Yin Lee, a Canadian actress and host of CBC’s Definitely Not the Opera.


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