Almost my birthday

Tomorrow is my birthday.

Is 27 the end of the mid-20’s or is it the beginning of the late 20’s? Either way, that’s what I’ll be tomorrow. It feels kinda weird. It feels more grown up. Not as much as 28, but certainly more than 26. 26 is definitely mid-20’s. 27 is a little more ambiguous. More is expected of you. But that’s okay, I give enough to take me through into my 30’s. ๐Ÿ˜‰

A lot is going to happen during my 27th year. Big things. I’m going to become a father not far into it. I’m going to go on parental leave and become a stay-at-home dad, breaking lose from the societal norm. Though I don’t often fit in there anyway. I’m hoping to get back into school and get things rolling on my Theology degree. I will celebrate my third wedding anniversary with my wife, and our 9th together as a couple. It will mark my 7th year blogging, read: airing my dirty laundry for the world. It will be a good year. I’m really looking forward to all the planned, and unplanned, events that will happen.

It’s nice to have people to share them with as I go. ๐Ÿ™‚


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