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Flin Flon

Mama Bean and I are currently hanging out in Flin Flon, MB.

It’s pretty much in the middle of butt-fuck nowhere, but it is out vacation for the weekend. It is a long weekend, so we decided to drive up here today, and will be driving back on Monday. It’s a 10 hour(ish) drive with breaks for meals and pregnant-wife-stretching, and actually pretty decent. We didn’t get to leave until around noon today because Mama Bean had an acupuncture appt, so we didn’t get up here until 10pm.

It was mostly my idea to come up here, as it isn’t some place Mama Bean would just decide to come up to. But I grew up here, and wanted to come back and check it out. We lived here for the latter half of grade 1 and grades 2 and 3, before moving to Yellowknife for grade 4 in 1991 so it’s been almost 20 years since I left here.. We lived in Flin Flon for the part of grade one before moving to Denare Beach (a little cottage sort-of town 20 minutes from Flin Flon).

I have so many memories of this place, and I’ve been wanting to come up here for some time now and check it out again. I’m really excited to look around and check things out and take a lot of pictures. My parents will remember more than me, so they’ll really appreciate the pictures, but there are some things I really want to see. My old school, our old house, the route I used to walk to school from our apartment in Flin Flon, our beach in Denare Beach, etc… It’s going to be awesome.


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