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The Naked Gospel Comments

So I’m taking part in another group blogging project. This time it is on the book, “The Naked Gospel” by Andrew Farley. It’s a pretty cool book, and I’ll write more about it later.

Today was my part, where I reviewed/summarized/commented on Part 3 in the book. I’m not super impressed with my writing this time, but it works and I got the general gist of my ideas out.

And you know what is super cool? The author responded! Now I know just because they wrote a book it doesn’t make them super special or anything, but to me having the author of a book that I just reviewed comment on my review is pretty friggin sweet.

I tried my best to be respectfully critical with what I wrote as I really like his book and everything it has made me think about, but some of the ideas he has are a little far fetched, even for me, so I tried to express that, while maintaining that I like other parts. And he responded and actually cleared some things up for me. It is just so cool.

It’s pretty awesome when someone you look up to, or who’s writing you read and admire, takes the time to talk to you. I’m finding this more and more on Twitter. I follow some pretty influential people in the Christian world, big-name pastors, authors, etc… and when they comment on something I say, or respond to a comment I make about something they’ve said, it’s a pretty cool feeling.

Oh, and if you are interested, you can pick up a free copy of The Naked Gospel in ebook format from his website It’s an interesting read, and while I’m not on board with everything he says, it gives a lot of great things to think about.


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