Innate Parenting

Are we born ready to be parents? Do we have this innate knowledge, from birth, that prepares us for being good parents?

Part of me thinks so. Part of me thinks we are all born with the innate knowledge of how to be parents, of how to raise a child. I think it is then up to us to make the choice whether we want to be good parents or not. I think it’s innate to all creatures, not just humans. Animals in the wild know how to take care of and raise their young, so why is it such a stretch to think that we, these intellectually superior creatures, aren’t born knowing how to raise children?

Don’t you love those people that ask you a question just so they can tell you a story? Mama Bean and I are finding this happening more and more when it comes to expecting a baby. They ask how the pregnancy is going, and don’t really pay attention to, nor care about, the response. All they want is to tell their story. All parents have stories, it’s part of having kids, but not everyone wants to hear your story every time you have an opportunity to tell it.


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