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So, I’m an IT guy for a local school division. There are 8 of us for 25 schools, and we are each assigned 2-6 schools. I’m one of those with 2 schools, though one of them is the biggest school in the division by over double the size of the next closest school.

My other school is an alternative school. It’s a high school for kids who can’t cut it in normal school. This could be due to emotional issues, psychological issues, and behavior issues; it has a very ‘Dangerous Minds’ feel sometimes. They only have about 100 kids, with another 40 on a waiting list, but it’s a pretty cool setup and it’s really awesome that they give kids a second chance who otherwise wouldn’t get an education.

The one school I have is a total princess school. It is the “flagship school” of our division. They get the most money, all the cool new things, and all the prestige. I’m pretty much there full time, even though I’m also assigned to another school, and they are used to getting almost an almost-instant response when they submit tech requests. Last year, this resulted in me neglecting my other school and doing quick in-and-out jobs there and never really giving them a fair share of my time.

So this year I am determined to give everyone their fair share. So I am taking the time to visit my smaller school on a regular basis. Even if they don’t have a super-urgent tech request, I’m still going to take the time to go over and give them some face time, which I’m learning is important. Schools only been back for 2 weeks now, but already I’m noticing a difference. People like being made to feel important, and I like making people happy and feeling special. It’s good times.


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