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Josh and Keira

Last night I had the pleasure of chatting with my little niece and nephew in Calgary. We left Calgary a little over a year ago, a Josh was 3 and Keira was just about to turn 1.

I’ve talked to Josh once since leaving and it was so cute. I couldn’t believe how much more he could talk and that he still remembered and missed me. Tonight I got to talk to them again, and I got to talk to Keira! She just turned 2 this weekend and I can’t believe she can talk! She said “Hi, Uncle Chris,” and “I love you.” It was so cute!

I miss them. They are a big part of what I miss in Calgary. We got to watch the first years of their lives, and now I feel like I’m going to miss out on watching them grow up, which makes me sad. (mostly i’m just selfishly afraid that they will forget me and i’ll cease to be josh’s favorite uncle)

My brief conversation with them really made my evening. I’d been feeling pretty shitty all day, so it was a really nice high-point. They’ll be here in 3 weekends, as Josh pointed out to me, which I’m pretty excited about. Josh even asked me where the baby was, and why I didn’t have it yet. 🙂 Seriously… so cute!


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