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The Amazing Preggo Wife!

My wife amazes me with her patience when it comes to things pregnancy/childbirth/parenting related. And not just the physical act of being pregnant, but all the mental abuse from others.

She is constantly bombarded with parenting advice, and stories of other peoples experiences, whether we cares or not. She does an amazing job of taking it all in stride and remaining rather non-judgmental.

We aren’t following the norm when it comes to bean. We are doing it at home with a midwife. We aren’t sure yet about vaccinations. She’s hoping to breastfeed and pump while I stay home and she goes to work. I’m going to be a stay-at-home dad. We have made educated choices about our upcoming child, that we think are right for us, but she doesn’t use any of them to make herself superior to people that don’t make similar choices. As I browse the internet reading about parenting and childbirth stuff, everyone is a nazi for their side of the argument. And it’s really easy to get that way. It is natural to want to defend your choices. But Mama Bean does such an amazing job of staying above that.

We try to stay away from the conflict, the judging, and all that good stuff that comes with contentious issues. I’m not always good at that. I’m a bit of a shit-disturber at times, and not always great with keeping my mouth shut. Mama Bean is much better at this than I am, and she’s doing such an awesome job of keeping the peace.


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