cleaning · detox


On Monday I started a 4 week nutritional/physical detox. It’s a mix of dietary changes and physical activity/stimulation.

I can’t eat dairy, eggs, meat, wheat, or anything refined. So I’m eating a ton of veggies (lots of stuff we grew in our garden), fish, nuts and such. It is kind of cool, but I think I’m going to start to miss my sugar and meat and bread and such. It’ll be especially tough with Thanksgiving right in the middle, but…/shrug

I think it’ll be good for me. Maybe it’ll help me get sick less often. I’m tired of getting sick all the time, and apparently something like this will help my immune system. I think it will also help me make some changes with the way I eat, though with a baby coming in 3 weeks things are about to get topsy turvy.

What I’ve noticed so far is an increase in bathroom visits, and a weird feeling in my stomach. I’m full, but my head doesn’t think that a stomach full of veggies constitutes “full”. We’ll see how it goes though, I’m excited to see some changes, and the thought of cleaning out my system makes me happy.


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