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Day 6

Over the past couple of years, I’ve read countless posts on how great babies are; about how much they love them, and how much they enrich the lives of their parents.

None of these posts come close to expressing the love and elation that I feel when I look down at my baby boy. And I’m sure the same is for the writers of those posts. They tried to capture what they were feeling, but there aren’t words to describe the love.

Bean is in his 6th day of life, and already so much has changed. His eyes are starting to focus, and they move to look when he hears sound. The shape of his head is changing and widening a bit as the skull plates start to move into place.

Granted the lack of sleep is tough to take, but it’s all part of parenting right? We take it one day at a time, and each day brings its own unique qualities. Each day different than the last, and all exciting.

I’ve always been told that your wedding day is the biggest day of your life. I disagree, I don’t think anything can top the day I first became a dad.


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