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New Books!

Okay, I’m going to dork it up here for a minute, but not with computers, with books. 🙂

I was directed to this amazing sale currently taking place at where there is a “Red Hot Deals” section with some awesome deals! And by awesome I mean some things are more than 90% off!

I picked up a 22 volume set of Calvin’s Commentaries with a bonus copy of Calvin’s Institutes for $99. This set is regularly $1200! That is a 92% savings!

I also picked up The Complete Sermons of Martin Luther in a 7 volume set for $45, and they regularly sell for $350. Yup, that’s an 87% savings! How awesome right?

I’m so excited to get them. I also picked up Zondervan’s Handbook to the Bible for $8 instead of $40. It has some scathing reviews on the site, but
that’s because it was reviews by a bunch of ignorant Christians who can’t see outside the box, and probably also think Rob Bell is a heretic. 😉 lol The book was used by my bible college as the text book for their Intro to the Bible class, so I figure there must be some decent info in it, and for 80% off, I can’t go wrong.

So yeah, $1600 of books for $200 including shipping. It is my Christmas present to myself, and I’m so excited. There is a bunch of Luther’s sermons that I’m pretty excited to read, especially the couple on The Sermon on the Mount.

So if you, or anyone you know, is looking for some amazing deals on Christian books, check out the Red Hot Deals at (whom i’m not affiliated with, nor did they give me anything in return for this glowing endorsement, lol it’s just an awesome sale)


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