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Why’d I move here again?

What’s going on in this city? What the hell is wrong with this place?

Recent News Stories for Winnipeg:

1. Woman arrested in fundraising scam:

2. Teen cut with machete in home invasion

3. Cops seek purse-snatchers

4. Two injured in early-morning assualts

5. Shotgun toting thug menaces family

6. Suspects wanted in carjacking attempts (thwarted because they couldn’t drive standard…lol!)

7. High-speed car chase

8. 16 year-old boy stabbed

And this doesn’t include the kid arrested at school for having a taser, some kid that was arrested the next day for assault, and then another kid arrested a few days later for assault.

This city is nuts. Nobody seems to use guns though. Everyone just stabs each other around here.


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