Day One

I successfully made it through day one of my life as a SAHD.

I was a little nervous last night about how feedings will go, and I still am abit about tomorrow’s, but things went okay today. He fed at 4:30 and then I woke him up at 9 for his next feeding. I probably could have let him go longer, but then I wasn’t sure if he’d get enough feedings in today. For my effort, we drank all of half an ounce in the hour we sat in the chair “feeding.” He did decide at 11 that he was hungry and ate the ounce and a half I put in the bottle and probably would have eaten more. I figured since Mama Bean was getting home around noon today I wouldn’t worry about it. And as a great way to follow up that feeding, he went straight to sleep. 🙂

I do like the fact that Mama Bean doesn’t work full time, and while that might take some credibility away from me as a straight-up SAHD, I think it is pretty awesome. It means we get to spend quite a bit of time together, and Bean gets lots of bonding time with the both of us.

Tomorrow will be day two where I take care of him for the afternoon/evening instead of morning, so I’m interested to see how feedings go.


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