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New Beginnings

So following my previous post on privacy and such, I have started a new one. Mr. Storage’s Closet. I’ve moved over to the WordPress host as I’m hoping to move my Twisted Christian blog to my own hosting and run it off a self hosted WordPress platform.

At the school I worked in, the server room is in a room labeled Storage. And while, it’s not a huge deal, it is kind of demoralizing to go to work everyday and have my office labeled “Storage.”
When I asked if they could change it, I was told no, because it was a security risk. That they didn’t want everyone to know that it was our central computer hub. I can understand that, though every kid in the school knows what is in this “Storage” room. All I wanted was my name on it. It didn’t have to say Computer Tech or Server Room or anything.

On the first day of the year, when the grade 12’s were giving groups of new grade 9’s the tour of the school, they would pass my door and say “this is the server room” or “this is where the computer guy lives.” It made me laugh. The “Storage” sign isn’t fooling anyone.

The secretaries also thought it dumb that I didn’t get my name on the door, and so they started calling my Mr. Storage. They’d use that when paging me, or calling me, and I even started introducing myself to some students as that. Though the first time some kid came up to me and called me Mr. Storage it took everything I had not to burst out laughing.

Please update your links (for those of you that link to me), as you will find me over in my storage closet. I will also be starting to bring all my archives over so it isn’t as bare as it is now. I’m also playing around with the theme, so there’ll be some changes over the coming days. And I know all the popular blogs write on a specific theme to draw in a particular crowd, but that’s never been my way. I’d have a bunch of different blogs then, one for hunting, one for gardening, one for being a dad, one for bass playing, one for religion (well, I have that one, but it’s more of a theological type one, which doesn’t interest many, so I keep it seperate), etc.. So I’ll just keep blogging about life, and if nobody new starts reading, no biggy, that’s not why I started blogging in the first place. Though if I do pick up new followers, that’s always fun as I like meeting new people and forging new relationships. 🙂

So come on over to Mr. Storage’s Closet and see what I’ve been up to…


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