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Dad Immune System

I think I am starting to get that ‘Dad Immune System’ that comes with being a father.

See, I used to get sick regularly. Every month or so I would get a cold/flu and be pretty useless for a few days and it would take me about a week to get over it. But next week is Bean’s 2 month birthday and I haven’t been sick. I actually haven’t been sick since a month or so before he was born, maybe even a little longer than that. So along with this daddy immune system, I must be doing something right. 🙂

I felt the beginnings of a sore throat, something that is normally a precursor to being sick, on Wednesday and was worried about getting sick and taking care of him. But that night Bean slept 8 straight hours. So my new immune system, along with the extra sleep made all the difference and I’m now feeling awesome.

I love being a dad.


2 thoughts on “Dad Immune System

  1. My Mom used to say that “Mothers don’t get sick.” because they are responsible for taking care of the babies. Like Daddies.

    Mom lied. 🙂

    [This is the same woman who told me I wouldn’t need an IV when I was in labor – I was deathly afraid of needles and didn’t want one. Imagine my surprise!]

    And yes being a parent is awesome isn’t it?

  2. That’s awesome! Maybe the endorphins we get from all the lovey-doveyness that comes with parenting helps boost our immune systems? Just one reporter’s theory. ;0)

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