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Good Sleeper

Dear Bean,

Why do you resist the sweet embrace of sleep that your body is clearly craving? Why do you continue to cry when you could easily slip into a nice sleep and wake up again when it is time to feed again? I find it amazing the way your hands, feet, and ears get cold when you really get going, and that little warble that shows me you are really mad is just too cute.

We laugh because it is better than crying. It is easy to get frustrated when you cry and we really don’t know why. We are starting to learn the little things that make you tick, and how to interpret your various cries. You’ve only been around for a couple of months, but your mother and I are pretty quick learners. I’m still not sure why you fight sleep so much, especially when your screams are interrupted with great big yawns, but I will continue to hold you and rock you and comfort you.

It is also nice to have your Grandma and Grandpa Storage around to rock you and hold you and love you. They give us a nice break, and they get the opportunity to show you how very much they love you.

You are a pretty amazing little baby, and we’re pretty lucky you chose to join our little family. You sleep 6-8 hours in a row at night, and are generally a pretty calm child. You eat well, and let us know when you have a poopy diaper, yet don’t complain too much when it is just wet. I hear stories about other babies screaming for hours on end, and waking up continuously throughout the night. Now I know things can change quickly, and I am enjoying the sleep while we get it, and will continue to love you no matter what.




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