Dear Bean

New Discoveries

Dear Bean,

I like that you have discovered your fists. You are so cute as you sit there trying to jam them both into your mouth at once. I also like the idea that you are working on the ability to self-sooth. I enjoy giving you your soother, but playing soother-jack-in-the-box often gets old after you spit it out a few times. I know fists only have limited soothing capabilities, so I’m excited for your ability to grab and hold onto things also.

I am also enjoying the fact that you can now focus on objects, and that mobiles and hanging objects are starting to hold your interest.

I also like that you are starting to get chubbier. At your 2 month checkup you were in the 70th percentile for height, and 25th percentile for weight, making you a long, skinny bean. Your mother was worried a little bit, but now that you are getting a little chubbier I think she is relaxing a little more.

You also make the cutest Yoda-type noises. And for that I love you.




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