Dear Bean


Dear Bean,

Sometimes I just sit and marvel at the many noises you make. Your little snores when you are sleeping. The sound you make when you are finished sneezing. The grunting and groaning when you are trying to stuff your fists in your mouth and the pitiful little cry when it doesn’t work.

I love your little duck and goose noises when you are feeding, and your wheezing noises when you get stuffed up.

I love when you try and talk to me in your little baby babble that you are starting to do more and more each day.

I love listening to the sound of you breathing when you are sleeping (and not snoring).

I love the way your sneezes sound like cat sneezes.

I love your little baby burps during feeding, and then the big man-sized burps that seem to come out of nowhere as we lay you back down to feed some more.

And one day soon I will love your little giggles, and sometime in the future, I will love your voice when you learn to speak English.




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