Bridge Mixture

What is happening at the Hershey Canada Bridge Mixture factory? Along with the 50% increase in prices at Walmart in the past 2 years, they are screwing with the ratios of peanuts and raisins to the good stuff.

A few years back they stopped putting the caramel ones in the mix. Not a huge deal because I didn’t really like them, but instead of replacing them with the good ones, like the mint, orange, generic (which I call potato, b/c they have the consistency and color of mashed potatoes), or jelly ones, they just increased the number of peanuts and raisins.

They’ve always been light on the jelly filled ones (red and green ju-jube type) which was annoying since I find them to be the best, but now I’m lucky if I even get one per package. Peanuts and raisens used to consist of approximately 25-30% of the package weight, in the packages I bought today they accounted for over 50%.

Now that is unacceptable. Everyone knows that the chocolate covered peanuts and raisins are just filler. Nobody buys Bridge Mixture for them, so stop ripping us off and giving us the cheap stuff.


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