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Thinking About Decisions

As I was leaving class on Thursday, I started thinking about the ball that I’ve started in motion since going back to school. And it kind of scares me. If I choose not to go back to work in the fall, and instead continue on this path to finish my degree and pursue a career in full-time ministry, that is a huge life change.

I mean I have a pretty sweet job right now that I quite enjoy. I work with an excellent group of people, and those above me are really great to work for. I work in an awesome high school with people that appreciate my skills, both technical and personal, and I was really starting to make a place for myself there. I make decent money, but could easily be making 50% more within the next couple of years. There isn’t a whole lot of movement room where I’m working now, but with the experience I’m getting, I could easily move on to bigger and better things. It’s an excellent entry/lower-mid level job, and a great jump-off point.

It would be sad to leave, but I’ve been wanting to finish this degree and go into ministry since leaving bible college the first time back in 2002. But I’m a dad now, and I have more to worry about than just personal fulfillment. There are bills to pay, and diapers to buy. There is more to worry about than there was at this point last year. And that scares me a little bit. Part of me wonders if I’m being a little selfish. I mean, pastors don’t really make a lot of money, and while it isn’t a job you take because of the money, a certain level of income is required to live a comfortable life. I took a 25% pay cut when we moved to Winnipeg, and going into ministry would cut it even more. On top of that, there is the additional debt-load of going back to school. It’s scary to think of taking on more debt as I’m closing in on turning 30. And it isn’t debt that turns into financial equity, it’s debt for personal and spiritual equity.

Just something I’ve been thinking about. I’ve only been off work for a month and a half, and still have 8 more months to go. So no decisions have to be made anytime soon. I’m free to enjoy being a dad, and enjoy being a student again.


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