Her Birthday

Today is Mrs. Storage’s birthday. It is her 8th birthday that we have celebrated as a couple, second as husband and wife, and first as mom and dad.

We’ve been slacking over the past few years when it comes to celebrating birthdays and other present-giving times, so I surprised her this morning. I gave her a nice little selection of soaps from Lush, a fancy handmade soap place. Lush Handmade Soaps It’s one of those places that she likes to stop into when we walk through the mall, but it is a little pricier, so it was always window shopping. I like doing things for my wife. I like surprising her. I like making her smile. And I did that today. Today was all about her, and I think I succeeded in making that happen. It wasn’t as big as it could have been. But presents and good food are a nice place to start, I think.

So happy birthday my dear. Enjoy the final year of your twenties, though I’m certain your thirties will bring us even more good times. Next year I’ll even get Bean in on the present giving. 🙂


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