Learning to Write


Who would have thought the hardest part of writing would be not going OVER the required word count?

I need to get better at this whole writing thing. I have a 1000-1200 word book review to write, 60% of which has to be the summary. So I start by writing a summary outline which ends up being 1100 words… So now I have to rewrite it to be about 700 words, and not in outline format, and then write 500 words for the evaluation part.

I started by going through and writing an outline I’d use for the summary thinking that I’d pull the main ideas and then expand on them. Though as I finish my outline I find that I’m already at 1150 words… So now I have to work at cutting it down to 700 words, and I still haven’t started on the evaluation part.

—Next morning 9:00am—

Alright, so I’m done the evaluation, it sounds pretty good, and the word count is right. I’m currently sitting at just under 1500 words, so I need to do some serious editing and cut out about 300 words before I am finished. I’ll get my word count down, and then get Mrs. Storage to give me a hand editing it and we’ll be good to go.

—Afternoon about 4pm—

I’m done! With some editing by Mrs. Storage, I’m down to 1300 words (close enough to 1200) and it sounds great! I’ve posted it below for your reading pleasure, or, just in case you wanted to know more about the book.

what’s the fancy way of saying, introduced? or explains, or something like that? expells, explains? puts forth?


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