The Storage’s are getting cable!

Growing up, we never had cable. My parents thought it to be a giant waste of money, and since we spent the vast majority of our time playing outside (yes, even in the winter in Yellowknife), we didn’t really watch television. Saturday mornings, we’d sometimes spend about 6″ from the TV watching cartoons on French CBC. We didn’t understand the language, but cartoons don’t really require speech, especially as kids.

Mrs. Storage on the other hand has always had cable. Her parents always had the million channel package that’s over $100 a month and got their money’s worth with the amount of time that TV was/is on. So when we got married, we got cable, but surprisingly, we didn’t watch it all that often. Not enough to warrant the $50ish a month we paid for it. This was partially due to the fact that we were both working two jobs and weren’t home enough to actually watch any TV, and the fact that we had one of the cheaper packages without all the good channels. So we canceled it shortly thereafter and haven’t really looked back, though that’s mostly because we get most of our TV on the internet.

But this will all change as of tomorrow afternoon when we get digital cable! For one full year, we will be receiving digital cable, including the digital box, for just $.9.95. That’s right, $9.95 for an entire year. No monthly costs, no hidden fees. Just straight up 10 dollars, and all the TV we can watch for the next year. It’s something like 50+ channels too!

So I’m excited. It’ll mean being able to sit in front of the TV and feed the little guy, and that our TV will do more than just sit in the basement, though it has been getting more usage now that we use our Wii more often.


2 thoughts on “The Storage’s are getting cable!

  1. I could live without cable in a heartbeat – our local channels are fine with me…but the family!

    How did you swing such a great deal? That is amazing. Have fun with all your new channels

  2. Oh, I guess I forgot that part. 🙂 Shaw (our local cable company, through whom we have our phone and internet) has this aggressive new campaign to keep their current customers, and since we have phone and internet with them, they offered us cable. Pretty good deal, I think. 🙂

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