Dear Bean

Wrapped around your finger

Dear Bean,

I love how quickly things change with you. And I’m really loving how much more interactive you are becoming. You watch your mom and I as we go about the house doing things. When I look at you and smile, you smile back. We can have these “conversations” where you babble at me in baby, and I imitate you and you say more. It’s really a lot of fun.

You are also starting to develop this shy smile, where you act all coy and look away with a little smile. You really are the cuteness. You’ve also developed this single eye-brow raise that reminds me of The Rock (whose awesomeness I will have to teach you about). You are also starting to do the half smile/smirk that I seem to also do.

Your smiles are seriously the cutest things in the entire world; they melt my heart. Especially when you are sitting in command central (read: exersaucer) and I’m reading or writing and I look over and you are smiling at me. When I look over and smile you make one of your cute baby noises and there is nothing I wouldn’t do for you.

You have me wrapped around your tiny little finger, and you are only 3 and a half months old…




One thought on “Wrapped around your finger

  1. I found a site today where you can print your blog into a book. You can pick the posts you want, add stuff – etc. and I am thinking by the time Bean turns one year old you might want to consider it.

    You can google it – or I can send you a link – but I think it would be a sweet thing for Bean to have as your posts are so endearing.

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