EA Sports Active Fun

Mrs. Storage received EA Sports Active, a workout game for the Nintendo Wii, for her birthday last week. It’s a pretty cool little game, and we are quite enjoying it. The main attraction for us is that it is a structured workout, something we wouldn’t otherwise do so well at. I used to work out a lot in high school and for a couple of years thereafter, but as life went on, and I no longer had a workout partner, so I stopped going. And without that regular physical activity, I started to put on weight.

Last year I topped the scales at just over 250lbs, and said that’s enough. I started weight watchers and doing DVD aerobics and dropped 20lbs within about 4 months, though by that time Mrs. Storage was getting bigger with Bean, and when she stopped Weight Watchers, I found it difficult to continue solo, and slowly let it slip.

I maintained my weight at 225-230, give or take a few pounds until Christmas, when I started to go up again. This was due to a mix of a bad diet and inactivity. But now my pants are starting to get a little tighter again, and I’m back up to 235 (well, between 232 and 236 depending on the day)

So last Tuesday I started EA Sports Active’s 30 day challenge. There are three intensity levels, and I started on the medium intensity. I’ve also replaced the cheap-ass resistance band that comes with the program with a set of varying resistance ones that I purchased last year as a replacement for dumbbells. They definitely help me burn more calories, and I have been getting my ass kicked by this program. It’s been giving me a helluva workout and I can’t wait to see the results after 30 days. I’ve also been trying to eat a little better too, which will help with the results.

So we’ll see how the next 30 days go. 🙂


One thought on “EA Sports Active Fun

  1. Awesome! Keep it up – it is so good for you.

    Wallene got a Wii for Christmas and we don’t have too much for it now, but I like it because even with the Lupus I am able to bowl and play baseball – and honestly can feel it in my muscles the next day after we play.

    The funniest game tho’ [no workout] is the race car driving. I just like to watch the silly graphics.

    Next up we are buying Wii Fit.

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