Lent 2010

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, signifying the beginning of Lent. A time of prayer, penitence, almsgiving and self-denial. 40 days the culminate in Holy Week, celebrating the death and resurrection of Jesus and the beginning of the Easter Season. It isn’t a practice that is real big in the Protestant denomination, which I think is a shame, so I’m doing my part to bring it back.

Now you might be saying, “But Mr. Storage, there are 46 days between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday, I thought you said Lent was 40 days?” And you would be right. Each Sunday during Lent is a sort of mini-Easter, and do not count towards the 40 days of Lent.

In the middle ages, it was common to refrain from eating meat products during the season of Lent, so this is what I am going to do. I will not consume any meat products between now and Easter Sunday, something I’m a little apprehensive about.

I want Lent to become more than just self-sacrifice, as while that is important, it is incomplete without prayer, penitence, and almsgiving. These 4 things together are what make Lent what it is, and should be.

So I am commiting myself to all 4 this year. I will be reading and studying my Bible on a daily basis. I will be praying daily. I will be giving of my time to help others. I will not be eating meat.

Last year I wrote about how I gave up, “lust for gear” as it was an activity that I was spending an unreasonable amount of time on, and from it spawned my Twisted Christian site. And while I didn’t devote as much time to it as I had hoped as the year went on, I will definitely be doing more with it this year.

I’m excited to see the growth that will happen, and look forward to the highs and lows that will inevitably happen over the coming 40 days.


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