Dear Bean

4 Month Shots

Dear Bean,

I’m sorry I wasn’t there to hold your hand during your vaccinations today, but your mom tells me you were quite the little trooper. With two doctors working on you, one on either leg, you got your shots and didn’t even cry! And you even gave them smiles afterward.That’s awesome! Maybe you are taking after me, as opposed to your mom, when it comes to needles. Your mom is not a fan, while I quite enjoy them. Maybe one day we can go give blood together, because as they say, “it’s in you, to give.” So cheesy, but so true.

It is hard watching your little immune system working overtime since the shot this afternoon though. You’ve been so tired, so I’m glad you are sleeping lots.

We also found out that you’re a skinny little guy, which we already knew, but the official weigh-in confirmed it. At 12.9lbs and 24.75″, you are in something like the 7% percentile for weight, and around 25% for length. I keep seeing pictures of other babies your age and they are these chubby little things, and I wonder how two people like your mom and I have made such a skinny little guy. Maybe you’ll get lucky and stay that way. 🙂


Your Dad


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