Because I have nothing better to do with my time and money

So after scouring the internet and calling people about ads they had posted, and finding out it was already sold but they still hadn’t changed their ad to reflect the sale. I would just like to state that if you are selling something online, please remember to change the status of your ad to sold (in every location you posted it) for the convenience of prospective buyers.

We did eventually find a little shop, on the other side of the city, that sells used appliances and picked up a washer/dryer combo for an awesome deal. It’s a newish Whirlpool Super Capacity washer and dryer combo that was originally advertised for $675, and have been recently reduced to $525 (still a little out of our price range), but the lady offered it to us for $400 (plus $30 delivery and tax). So all said and done I think it was about $470 and it’s a pretty amazing set. The dryer is HUGE and it even has a light inside. I think it’s almost big enough that I could fit in it.

Removing the old one, and installing the new one was also great fun. When I attempted the turn the water off so that I could unhook the hoses, water started spraying out of the top of the knob, so I quickly shut the water main off but there was already water everywhere. Even with the valve closed all the way, it was so old that it still leaked. And to make matters even more fun, I bought the wrong size valves, so I had to return to the store (twice) to return them and buy the correct ones.

But now it’s done. The bucket of dirty cloth diapers have been washed, and the rest will be done in the morning. And I must say, it’s a huge step up from our previous washer/dryer combo, and I’m quite happy with them.


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